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NFTs - Everywhere Around Us

Non-Fungible Everything, Just Open Your Eyes

We’re living in a world where one person creates incredible things and other people would like to buy those things. And there is a question - how to transfer rights on that thing from one person to another.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain with their security and settlement features allows creation of tokens that will be irreplaceable. And serve as a proof of ownership.

That is just one example of how NFT can be used. So There is a lot of possibilities. And people are ready to pay to guarantee that their digital items are unique & they are only one owner of that item.

Why NFTs?

Right now NFT in most cases is used to create digital art. But that technology has a big potential behind it. For example, NFT can be used as a digital passport for personality verification into the digital world and after that procedure you can receive NFT. And that saves time, because you pass the KYC procedure just one time and other times you don’t need to do this, because you can prove your KYC by the NFT token that you receive after passing it the first time.

So there is just one example, but there can be a lot of them. And that technology serves for attention from investors. So we trying to choose most interesting projects from that area and help you to partici pate into it.

Invest In NFTs

NFTs Open New Borders Of Ownership and OXO Capital Help Find Right “Key”