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Cross Chain

The path to creating a new generation economic network

Blockchains were built to save consistency of data and improve settlement security purposes.

Big potential of blockchain technologies and their development brings to the world new types of blockchains different from Bitcoin. Goals of each blockchains are different and data exchange between blockchains has become necessary.

Cross-chain is a technology that improves the connection between different blockchain networks by allowing the exchange of information and value.

Why Cross Chain Projects?

Bridges bring - Data Safety, Privacy, Interconnection, Communication Between Ecosystems

We in OXO Believe in the great power of blockchain technologies but for creating new economy networks data should be interchangeable.

That creates the need to build bridges between different blockchains. What allows us to transfer & create new types of digital assets.

Cross-chain technology also allows users to overcome common trade-offs among distributed platforms and use different benefits of various consensus mechanisms so they can choose technology which will help and make their goals a reality.

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Build Bridges and New Economy Networks with OXO