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We Invest & Help Build WEB3 Future

Our Specialization: Protocols, Cross chain, Defi, Metaverse, Gaming projects, NFTs


OXO Capital - company oriented on investments in the crypto world and the main goal of our venture capital is to boost new economics by investing in web3 projects. We are oriented on the economics of the future and believe that crypto currency, DAO, applications for Web3 and related projects from the crypto & blockchain world will help to build more open and transparent economics and the future.

Our Mission

A professional team from different parts of the globe combining deep market insights with amazing skill of fundamental analysis.

Early Stage - bigger benefit

Distributed team and large OXO Capital community. Provides an opportunity to negotiate with promising projects at an early stage.

Early Stage - bigger benefit

As The result - Access to a world-class investment platform and early stage investments help to realize investment goals with cryptocurrency & blockchain.

The Mission of OXO

- create community and allow everyone to invest in AMAZING projects, no matter their investment amount.